Medhanit Barratt

Medhanit is the receptionist at Bleyer Lawyers.  She is responsible for front of house duties, and is the first point of contact for most clients. She loves meeting new people, so expect a friendly face when you come into our office.

Graduating from high school last year, Medhanit is planning to study a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Criminology at University in 2020, as she is very interested in understanding the behaviour of individuals and their impact on society.  She would like to pursue a career as a Criminal Psychologist, or perhaps work in the area of Youth Justice.

In her spare time Medhanit enjoys songwriting and performing, as she is also a keen musician.  Dancing from the age of 3, she also takes ballet classes multiple times a week.

Medhanit is thoroughly enjoying her time at Bleyer Lawyers, and is passionate about helping people.

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